Online Brand Awareness & Launch
So you have been working hard, putting in those extra hours and gearing up for the big-launch of your upcoming product or service. This is when you get to the stage of "Brand Awareness & Recognition" where consumers need to be made aware about the existence of your company’s product or service and what’s the value proposition you offer. Work with us as we help you to build a niche identity for your brand in the social media domain:

When a soon to be launched t-shirt portal approached us to create buzz for their brand, our challenge was to create a compelling brand image for them in the already crowded online t-shirt portal segment. We visualized a character which helped us to communicate with the brand’s core audience in an efficient manner. The character went on to become the community ambassador of the brand.
Check out the case study on the t-shirt portal
Read how we drove the online brand launch campaign for bushirt.com. The strategic initiative was connected with an emotionally centric business goal unlike how launch campaigns are typically perceived.