Client Speak

Iffort is a great agency who really put in the extra hours to make sure our brand got to the level where we are at right now. They did their homework and came to the table with great ideas and solutions which allowed dealsandyou to engage with our customers in a unique and interesting way that no other brand has done so far in India.
Preeti Verma
Marketing Manager - Deals and You
Our Philosophy

quotes In the years to come, we want to be recognized as thought-leadership experts and game-changing practitioners in the Digital & Social Domains.

To achieve that milestone, we are following what one would best term as simple and easy to follow mantras:

  1. Focus: Service every customer as if he is the "only" customer
  2. Relationship: We are here to build relationships of lifetime with our clients
  3. Delivery: We will never promise anything which we cannot deliver
  4. Action: Technology in itself ain't a problem solver. How you bring it into action is!
Iffort's Philosophy