Client Speak

I am just delighted that I hired Iffort to produce my new website. The folks at Iffort took care to make sure I understood what the process entailed. I would highly recommend this firm, as they produced a beautiful web site. They are a first-class team!
Our Philosophy

quotes In the years to come, we want to be recognized as thought-leadership experts and game-changing practitioners in the Digital & Social Domains.

To achieve that milestone, we are following what one would best term as simple and easy to follow mantras:

  1. Focus: Service every customer as if he is the "only" customer
  2. Relationship: We are here to build relationships of lifetime with our clients
  3. Delivery: We will never promise anything which we cannot deliver
  4. Action: Technology in itself ain't a problem solver. How you bring it into action is!
Iffort's Philosophy